Skellefteå Kraft Grandmaster Chess Cup
30 Mars - 5 April 1999

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IGMUlf Andersson2623SWE
IGMJonny Hector2542SWE
IGMEvgenij Agrest2533SWE
IGMRalf Åkesson2530SWE
IGMTom Wedberg2493SWE
IMStellan Brynell2489SWE
IGMLars Karlsson2470SWE
IGMThomas Ernst2409SWE

IA Ulf Norevall SWE

Skellefteå Chessclub thanks:

Skellefteå kommun , Skellefteå Kraft

Seven swedish grandmasters and one international master will compete in an eliminationcup. They will play after the latest WC-model (Groningen).
First they will play two games with ELO-calculation. If it is all after that they will play two rapidgames. Is it still all, they will play a knockout blitzgame ! After the quarterfinal, four of the players are knocked out from the cup (They will compete in the solett Chess Open. The four players who are left will carry on.